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What's Next?

I finished with the Graphic 45 Elegance scrapbook. I can't say it is my favorite, but I guess that can't all be that way.

I started on a journal today. I am watching a video series by Luise Heinzl to get some good ideas for a more grungy style of journals. Crafting is always a learning process for me. It may be a better way to do something or it may be something completely new. I will probably work on the journal for about a week and then set in aside for a short time.

My next scrapbook will be done from a tutorial by Kathy King. It is called Windows on the World. It contains many acetate features. I am not using her paper line for this, instead I am going to use several of Stamperia's wedding paper lines. I have had many people ask if I have something wedding themed and I think this will be a great offering.

It is hard to believe it is the middle of January all ready. I do hope we have an early spring this year. I am always anxious to get back outside and get my gardening projects going. I have one flower garden area that I want to enlarge this year. I have some perennials I want to put there and add a few more to my shade garden in the backyard.

What plans to you have for springtime?

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Vegetable gardens are a fall and winter endeavor in Florida. We just enjoyed some fantastic broccoli and are now waiting on brussel sprouts to grow. Cabbage will soon become coleslaw.

I have a journal started too, but time to create is limited for the next month or so. I decorated some teabags that will make awesome page flips.

Guess you should start convincing the ground hog to not see his shadow so spring will arrive sooner!

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