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Cabin Fever

I have been okay with staying inside so far this winter. It has given me time to get some projects going. But I am getting antsy to get outside.

We had some cold weather earlier this winter and had a fairly good snow fall this past weekend. So, I think winter should go and let spring arrive.

I have a flower bed that I want to enlarge this year. I have changed my mind multiple times on what I want to buy and what I already have that needs to be divided or moved. I think I will change my mind a few more times before I place the order.

The updated show schedule is up here on the website. I have added a new one and dropped another one. I just sent in an application for another new one. Not sure when I will hear from them but am hoping it will be soon. If I get accepted there I will need to make some hotel reservations.

I am in the finishing stages of a journal. It is going to be a chunky one. It will have 5 signatures which is the most I have ever put in one journal.

Inventory should be finished tonight. I only have Graphic 45 to go through. I am hoping that my new way of tracking will help me at the start of 2025. I am hoping the only things that will need to be counted will be cardstock and chipboard this time next year.

Off to count what Graphic 45 papers I have! Maybe I will find something I forgot I had!

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