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What I am Up To

I am pretty much ready for Christmas. I have 1 more present to wrap after it arrives.

We are doing our family cookie bake on Thursday.

My 49th wedding anniversary is this week as is my husband's 70th birthday. Our youngest grandson's birthday is on Christmas Eve, but we will have his birthday dinner on Friday. I guess the Graves's clan needed to make this time of year super busy.

I have been working on the pages for the class project. I still need to do both sides of the last page. I have been typing up instructions as I go along. I have a new respect for those creators that make a lot of tutorials. I hope my instructions will be clear enough to follow. Once that is finished I will work on getting the pattern paper figured out. I will make some bead dangles to add to the spine of the album. It's been a while since I played with beads. I would never be a jewelry maker but I enjoy creating the bling for scrapbooks and journals.

I won't be back here until after Christmas. I hope you have happy and healthy holidays this year.

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