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Welcome 2024

I hope everyone has had a good holiday season.

I can truly say I am glad that 2023 is behind us, but it wasn't all bad. Our oldest granddaughter graduated from University of Cincinnati with her nursing degree, passed her boards, and is currently working at UC Medical Center. Another granddaughter graduated from Stebbins High school and is currently attending the University of Alabama. Another granddaughter is in her second year at Ohio State. Our oldest grandson is currently enrolled at UC and has been doing on-line classes.

I finished the February class project yesterday. I then went through my planner stickers and threw out pages that I would never use. Then I went through the desk organizer and threw a few things out. I had quite a few markers that I won't use in scrapbooks or jounals, so I moved them with the other makers. Lastly, I went through a stack of scrapbook papers that I haven't looked at for years. There were a lot of single pages and single sided papers. I think several of these papers are well suited to add to journals.

I found this partial paper pad that I don't remember buying. It's not a complete pad, but the papers are beautiful. I decided to make a small scrapbook using up what is left.

Have you ever gone through your supplies and been excited to discover some oldies but goodies?

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That paper looks familiar!

I went through papers a couple months ago. I'm so bad at throwing anything useful away.

It's fun to rediscover things in my stash but then I get a pang of guilt for not using them. I have some layered stencils and new applicator brushes I bought some time ago. Not sure what I'm waiting on. I have crafts with ladies in my neighborhood this morning. I'm going to take them and play with them .

Happy New Year!

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