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Upcoming Events?

Old Man Winter is going to show up for what I hope is a short visit. It has rained all day and it is windy. I am glad all the rain wasn't snow or else we wouldn't have been able to dig out until June.

I applied for two new events near Columbus. I will hear if I have been accepted sometime in February. Once I confirm the schedule for this year the show/event page will be updated.

For now I am staying inside and staying warm. I will be able to spend lots of time in the craft room. Need to be very productive the next few months. I am currently working with some Graphic 45 papers. Once that scrapbook is done I am going to get started on a journal. My plan is to work on the journal for about a week and then put it aside and do another scrapbook. The journals certainly take a lot of time to complete and I want the next one to be an awesome project. Not sure how many journals I will get completed but I hope to get several done for this year.

Currently I only have the one project on my work space. How many "in the works" project do you have going?

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Love the video! I started putting a journal together this afternoon. I just have one project going at a time usually.

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