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Three Collections in One Project?

I can't say that I have ever tried to put two collections together before. Now I am going to use three paper pads in one project. In all fairness they are all Stamperia papers.

I am working on a large project and think I can make them all work together.

I haven't decided on a Distress Ink for the edges of the pattern papers. My initial thought was Pumice Stone, but now I am leaning towards one of the browns that I have. Once I cut into some of the papers I will test them out and then decide.

Would you go with brown or Pumice Stone or something else?

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I think you should try Scorched Timber. I'm not a fan of brown with a predominance of grey in the paper. Scorched Timber may give the brown and grey mix you need, at least based on TH's reveal video.

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