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Store Update

I am not very tech savvy. Guess that is due to my age! I was able to figure out how to upload images of the Stamperia paper lines and it only took me 2 days of working on it to get it all done. I thought it would take me at least a week to finish. What that means is I got all of the paper options loaded into the store here on the website. This also gives you more option if you want to order a custom scrapbook or journal.

I am currently working with Graphic 45's Catch of the Day. I am hoping to get this scrapbook done by Thursday so it will be available at the Sycamore Arts and Crafts Show on Saturday.

After this weekend I will be taking a break from creating. I need to finish the custom album I have been working on. I also need to do some house cleaning, get my Christmas decor done, decorate the tree, and get all my presents wrapped. I want to have everything done by December 3 as I am leaving on the 7th for a trip to Australia and Japan. I am planning on posting here twice a week until I leave so you know what I am up to.

I know you aren't supposed to put your tree up until after Thanksgiving but when will you do

your holiday decorating?

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