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Some Progress

I am hoping to get this journal done this weekend. I still want to add some rusted paper clips, journaling papers, and beads. I have a hard time not adding something to every page. I know the music papers and book pages will be just for decoration, so they may just get a little bling added to them. Unless I decide to add the rusted paper clips with some journaling paper to them. It is so hard to know when enough is enough. While I am writing this post and looking at the photos I discovered I wanted to add something to the die cut stems!

It will be 10-12 weeks before the weather here is good enough to start yard work and gardening. This is the worst time for TV viewing in my opinion. I don't watch basketball, football season is almost done, and college softball isn't being broadcast yet. The only network show I watch is Chicago PD. The shows on the cable channels are episodes I have seen 4-5 times already. Have you discovered anything worth watching that will help me get through Ohio winter?

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Kim Graves
Kim Graves
Feb 06, 2023

I did not watch Suits but I may see if I can find it somewhere. I will also check on The Amazing Mrs. Maisel. I did get the journal finished today. It is the closest thing to a true "junk journal" I have made thus far.


I have the same problem of knowing when to stop and wanting to decorate each page. Did you watch Suits when it was on? Good series.Good strong characters. Also on Prime, The Amazing Mrs.Maisel.

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