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Season is Over

Craft fair season is over for me in 2022. I have had an amazing year. I have sold a lot of scrapbooks and met some amazing people this year.

I had hoped to sell everything today at the Sycamore Arts and Crafts Show but that didn't happen, which is okay. As time allows I will post the remaining projects here. So, if you saw something late this year it may still be available.

I will be working hard in the new year to build up my inventory. I have a lot of really great papers to work with. I am trying to decide between Blue Fern Studios Jane's Memoirs paper line, or their Bird Waltz paper line, or Stamperia's Sir Vagabond paper line.There doesn't seem to be a lot of masculine themed papers out there except for younger boys.

I don't think I currently have any scrapbooks made with either of these paper manufacturers. Different paper lines from the same manufacturer tend to have some commonalities, so I try to mix up the papers that I use to avoid that. That helps keep projects fresh and allows for more creativity. I think both of these paper companies do a great job of keeping their new papers just that-new. I am sure that keeping some things the same makes it less expensive to print.

All three of the above paper lines are available in the store for you to review. If you wanted a scrapbook made which of these three lines would you choose?

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