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No Crafting!

I have two busy times of year-spring and Christmas. Christmas doesn't need an explanation as everyone is busy that time of year. Spring for me is major yard clean up-cleaning up my flower beds, cleaning out the spouting, and trimming bushes. It is also high school softball season and that means games 3-5 times a week. It is also planting time-containers, hanging baskets, and vegetable garden. It has also become dandelion steam killing time. I have let our yard go and we have so many weeds in it. I am spending 4-5 hours a day trying to at least decrease the number of dandelions. All of this means there is not any crafting hours left in my day. I keep hoping that I am winning the dandelion battle, but I am not really sure. We are supposed to get some rain this weekend followed by cooling temperatures so I am hoping that will slow down the dandelion blooms for a couple of days.

My first festival is scheduled for next weekend-The Bellbrook Sugar Maple Festival. I am hoping for good weather to bring the shoppers out. I have a lot of unique items that will be available for purchase.

I am looking forward to getting back into the scrapbook room and start creating again!

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