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More Grungy Goodness

I have been having a lot of fun working on journaling cards and tags for this journal. Today I used some Grit Paste and Texture Paste on some of the cards and tags. Tomorrow I will be ready to do some stitching and adding eyelets and brads. I found a Fat Quarter that I think will be perfect for the cover. I decided not to do a master board for this journal.

You can't tell from this photo but my work space is a mess which is usual for me when I am in the middle of a project. What about you-are you a messy paper crafter or do you keep you work space cleaned up mid-project?

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I'm messy! Just took a journal I finished to a friend. Now my creative space needs a clean up so I can start something new. I'm ready to work on something with some color and fun. That's not to say my last project wasn't all these things, but I'm ready to be eclectic!! My last two projects have been theme-based. I'm ready to color outside the lines on my next one!

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