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Lots Left To Do

I am following a tutorial I had purchased from Kathy King several years ago for this project. I am hoping to jump start my creativity by taking a break from designing the pages. This has helped in the past, so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

This project has ample opportunities for photo mats and embellishing. These Stamperia papers have multiple pages of tags and quotes that I am excited to use here. I have most of the matting done but making the photo mats and doing the embellishing will probably take as long as the matting process.

I also think the left overs will be great to use in a journal. I think the next journal I make is going to be filled with spring colors which means these left overs will be stowed away to use at a later date.

Stay tuned for these year's event schedule which should be available soon. I am really excited about this year's line up and hope you will be, too!

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