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Lofty Goal

I had really wanted to get one of the signatures of this journal completed today, but I didn't get close! I try to make everything from scratch or at least change something that is pre-made, like a journaling card from a paper collection. I want you to know that you are purchasing something completely unique.

I had a little trouble with my sewing machine today. I am using a gold thread that is very fine. For some reason the bobbin thread was tangled and not catching. I finally got it figured out and was good to go.

I think every page in this journal will have a spot for you to write on.

Hopefully tomorrow I can get this signature done and maybe start on the second one.

If the weather is tolerable tomorrow I need to go outside and kill a few dandelions. Today was incredibly windy and the temperature dropped throughout the day.

When you are creating do you try to set goals for what you want to finish during a creative session?

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