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Journaling Cards and Tags

I will never claim to be a fast crafter. It took two sessions to create the master board that these tags and cards were made from. It then took two more sessions to get the cards and tags completed.

The master board was made with scrapbook papers, coffee dyed papers, lace, washi tape,

stenciling, stamping, labels, stickers, decoupage napkins, machine stitching, and white acrylic splatters. Like many other creators I turn the master board upside down when I cut it so I never know what I will end up. I think that is half the fun. I did struggle some with coming up with focal points for the cards and tags but I was happy with the end results. A few of them I didn't add anything to them as I thought they looked cool as they were.

I also worked on the cover for the journal that these cards and tags are made for. I added some coffee splatters,but I think I still need to grunge it up a little more to go along with the signatures. I am thinking about trying to go in with some Distress Inks, but I have never tried using them on material.

Do you have any ideas on how to grunge this up a little more?

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If you are serious about grunge...rough the fabric up a bit to make it look worn. I love making master boards. If I'm not ready to cut them up immediately I hang them on a clip beside my storage cabinet to add more color to the room. The journal cards and tags look great!

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