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Getting There

I think I am finally getting back to my "normal" schedule. Still waking up really early, but that is okay with me. My last two overseas trip took me about a month to feel normal and productive. I have been able to get back to the scrapbook room this week and that is a good thing.

The weather here in Ohio has been warmer than normal, not that I am complaining about that. It has been really cloudy and gray which I find depressing. I think when it is this gray I would rather have some snow to brighten up the landscape. I already am craving spring, sunshine, and gardening. I will be staying close to home this year except for a couple of out of state softball tournaments with one of my granddaughters.

I have been working on a scrapbook with Stamperia's Sir Vagabond papers. It is still in the early stages, but I am happy with what I have done so far.

After this album is finished I want to work on some background papers, journaling cards, and clusters for journals. I got some metallic acrylic paints for Christmas and I am looking forward to playing with those.

What products or papers are you excited about playing with?

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Kim Graves
Kim Graves
Jan 12, 2023

I suppose any project that requires creativity could count. Planting flowers require creativity but I was thinking more along the lines of paper crafting. There are lots of days when good intentions don't lead to accomplishments. Sometimes real life just gets in the way.


Does ANY project or product count? Every day I look at my craft room and think...maybe today... the day is over and not a piece of paper has been moved. Maybe tomorrow...

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