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Feeling Better

I was at The Sugar Maple Festival this past weekend. Was able to talk with some new people at this event, which is always good. The weather was not so good. It was cloudy, cool to cold, and windy. The wind was so bad on Saturday I took some of the table clothes off because I was done fighting with them. I was super tired yesterday. I only got a few things out of my vehicle as I just didn't have the energy to do much. I feel much better today. I got most everything out of the SUV but didn't put anything away-I have another event in a couple of weeks. I just stashed things in a temporary spot. Right now I can't even get into the craft room. I am hoping to make some progress on that situation tomorrow and then need to tackle my desk.

I did start a small outside project today. I had two sedum plants that needed to be moved and I got that done. The area needed some grass killed, so I laid down cardboard over it and started mulching the area. I only had one bag of mulch and that wasn't enough. I will make a trip out tomorrow to get some more mulch. I know it is a bit early but I have several containers that are up close to the house and I hope to get them planted tomorrow. I need some flowers in my life! The rest of the containers will need to wait another week or two due to our weather. As I have gotten older I don't try to get too much in any one day.

Have you started on your outside projects? If yes, what have you done?

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