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Far From Perfect

I have been playing around with Gelli Plate printing this past week. My first attempts were not good. I still haven't decided if I had the paint on too thick or wasn't letting the paint dry completely before I tried to print. It was probably a little of both. These were my first "successful" pulls. I think they will be fine for background pages, pockets, or bases for journaling cards. I got some new acrylic paints today and they will really open up my color options. I think I will try again tomorrow to see if I can improve on my prints. I need to start a new journal sometime this week so I can use some of the papers I have created recently.

Waiting to here back about a couple of festival applications before we post the schedule for the year. Two of the applications should be good as I will be a returning vendor but want to be sure we post the schedule.

While playing with colors this past week I also pulled out all of my Distress Inks, Distress Oxide Inks and Spray. I think my new favorite colors of these are Iced Spruce and Aged Mahogany. They work together really well and also work alone. What colors do you find yourself reaching for over and over? Any new favorites?

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Kim Graves
Kim Graves
Jan 24, 2023

I was trying to do multiple layers with just one pull. You need to let each layer dry before you add the next. I started out with a basic set of acrylic paints I bought off of Amazon. I ordered some Arteza acrylics and used those today. I can't say I can tell a difference in the way they work, but the Arteza set has 60 colors versus the 24 in the Amazon set. I just started putting together some signatures for a new journal today and had to make some more background pages. I have really enjoyed working with colors the last few days!


I like the prints! What do you means by letting the paint dry before you "Print"? Love the designs! What kind of acrylic paints did you use? Any recommendations?

To answer your question - I haven't bought any new Distress Inks lately to have favorite colors. Can't wait to see these in a journal.

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