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Falling Down On The Job?

With outside work that needs to be done I feel like I am falling behind. I haven't been consistent with social media posts-don't know when I last posted to Instagram. I have done very little crafting in the last few weeks.

But, rest assured that I will back to it very soon. I think the dandelion blooms are decreasing in numbers-hooray! High school softball will be done in about 2 weeks. I will need a few days to plant the garden and the flowers. I really expect I will have more crafting time very soon.

The Sugar Maple Festival in Bellbrook is this weekend. Not excited about the weather forecast but that is not in my control. Next week my oldest granddaughter graduates from college. Mid May I have a one day event that I need to make a raffle gift to donate. I think I know what paper I am going to use for it and found a fairly quick tutorial on You Tube to make it go a little quicker. After the May event I will have about 6 weeks to get some new things ready for July 4th Americana Festival.

What things come up for you that takes away your crafting time?

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