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Enjoying a Day Off

It has been a busy week and a half. Finally finished high school softball games. Attended the awards banquet last evening.

I was at the Loveland Spring Arts and Crafts Show on Saturday. There didn't seem to be as many shoppers this year as compared to last year. Not sure if it was the weather forecast or just a sign of the times.

After the craft show we held the grad party for one of our granddaughters. She had a great turnout to celebrate her achievement.

Mother's Day I played golf with my oldest son. After golf we had a cookout at my daughter's house.

Yesterday was spent putting the booth supplies away.

All of my planting is done! My cucumber, zucchini,and yellow squash seeds have started sprouting. Now it is all about garden maintenance. It has been a rainy day here so I just decided to take it easy. Did get some laundry done.

Tomorrow I will get back to work on the Cosmos scrapbook. Looking forward to having more time at home and playing with paper.

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