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And The Winner Is...

Scorched Timber, the newest and last color in Tim Holtz's Distress line of products.

I tried Tea Dye, and Pumice Stone before deciding on Scorched Timber. Pumice Stone looked good with the papers that are pink and gray. I didn't think it looked good with the papers that have a little more brown tones.

The tutorial I am following uses a few SVG files. I don't have a way to cut those files. I spent a fair amount of time this evening trying to make something similar with the die sets I already have. I think I did a pretty good job with it. I hope the next couple of pages come together faster or I will still be working on this project in August!

I managed to get outside a little this week. I picked up sticks in the yard. My knees really don't like all the bending-one of the joys of getting older.

One of the paper lines I am really looking forward to working with is Stamperia's Magic Forest. You Tube has several project shares using these papers for both scrapbooks and journals. I think it would be cool to offer both of those later this year. I expect there will be many hours put into those two projects.

You Tube is where I go for inspiration when I am in a creative funk. Sometimes I need some ideas for page layouts or how to use a paper line. Memories by Lea and Scrapqueen are really good sources.

Where do you go for your inspiration?

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I thought Scorched Timber would work! What a cool idea to do both a journal and a scrapbook using the same paper! Love that idea!

Since I most make journals, I watch SevenPlaza, Gayle Agostinelli, TreasureBooks, Catherine Sunnyside Jounals.

Enjoy making!

Me gusta
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