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Background Pages

I have been working on some background pages to use in journals. I have created several page with Distress Oxide Sprays. I wasn't getting the results I expected. I think maybe the sprays weren't mixed all the way. I went into today and added some coffee drips and was much happier with the results. Today I made sure the sprays with mixed well and was really excited with what I created.

I finished the Sir Vagabond scrapbook this week. I am wanting to play around with Distress Crayons, Embossing Glazes, Foundry Wax and some other mixed media products from Tim Holtz and Ranger Inks.

I am also trying to master monoprinting with gel plates and have to admit this is a real challenge. I did a few yesterday that were okay. I think some of them will become die cut flowers so it won't be a total loss. Part of my problem was trying to figure our what colors worked together and how to layer those colors on the pulls. I need to watch a few more tutorials on You Tube to try and figure this art form out. I will keep working at it until I am happy with the results.

Are there any creative avenues that you struggle with? What have you done to help hone that skill? Any advice that you can share?

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