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Back at It

Finally got all the Christmas decor packed away til next holiday season. Took me two days and my back and knees were glad when it was all done.

I worked on cleaning up my craft room. There are still more than a few things I need to get organized, but I can see my desk and walk into the room without tripping over something.

I had taken some time off during the season. I got back to it early last week. I have been working on the Hearts Ease scrapbook with the papers I recently discovered. I am really happy with the project.

I think next I will use an older Graphic 45 paper line that I have had for several years. One of my goals for this year is to use what I have and not buy (well, not too many) new paper lines.

I did stock up on scor-tape and cardstock the end of the year. Honestly I could get by for 4-5 years with all the papers I currently have in my stash.

I need to get started on inventory for tax purposes. I need to find a better way to track everything. Maybe I should try QuickBooks again. I tried it before but had some sort of computer issues and never could reload the software.

Well, I think that's all for now. I will back again soon!

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