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Another Productive Day

I didn't have a lot on my to do list today by design. I have been pushing myself to get things done outside as the weather permits.

I was able to get another garden area mulched, potted up the last two hanging baskets and got another container planted. Still have most of the vegetable garden to plant and four more containers. We got considerable rain last night so I need the ground to dry out before I can plant again.

I got the last two pages of the Stamperia Cosmos scrapbook built. I also started adding the patterned paper. I am really hoping to have this project ready for The Loveland Arts and Crafts Show this Saturday, May 13. There are just not enough hours in the day right now!

We have one more week of high school softball left. Our youngest granddaughter is now playing recreational softball and that started this past Thursday. Travel softball starts the end of this month. It will be nice not being at a softball field four to five times a week, but most weekends are filled until the end of July.

I have the start of several journals in the works. I am finding they take a lot more time to make than the scrapbooks. I think I try to do too much with them. I am hoping after I get some more experience in making them that I get a little faster doing them. A lot of journal makers do mass making, but I haven't really found a good way to do that. I tend to make my journals with scrapbook papers and need all the decorations, tags, and journaling cards to coordinate. Have you found mass making to be helpful in your journal making process?

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