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I didn't realize it has been so long since I did a post here.

We are finishing up the soccer season with a tournament this weekend. Even with two grandkids playing soccer the schedule is not as busy as the high school softball season. Not sure if they are going to play indoor soccer or not.

I have had a busy fall event schedule. It is wrapping up in November. I have put a lot of hours in trying to create enough products to have new scrapbooks to offer.

I haven't had the time to create any new journals. They take me way more time to build than scrapbooks. They also give me the opportunity to try some new art forms.

We have a couple of decent days in the forecast for next week. I want to take advantage of some 70 degree days and coffee dye a good stash of paper for this winter. I have decided on a color palette for the next journal. I also want to do a four seasons journal this winter.

I am planning on an equally busy schedule for 2024. I am looking forward to life slowing down a bit so I can build my inventory for the next year.

What projects are on your list for the winter months?

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