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The IT Department has been hard at work trying to set up a Google Merchant Account for me. It will be another way for people to find my on-line store. I have so many wonderful paper lines for sale but have struggled to get the word out that I am here.

I got a few days outside earlier this week. I planted some Romaine lettuce on Tuesday. I have never tried growing it before. We have had a lot of rain this week so I am not sure if the seeds will germinate. If not I have more seed to try again.

I have been working on this layout for several days. I really love the end results. These pages will be the middle of one of the signatures in the Fairie Dust Journal that I am working on. I haven't decided if these will just be pretty pages or if I will clip some journaling spots to them. I have it in my head that every page needs to be functional. I want to do a couple of single page layouts similar to this on other pages. Now that I have an idea of what to do I am hoping I can get them done more quickly.

I have been watching some You Tube videos by Luise Heinzl and Ceri The Crafter. They are both such creative forces. The above layout was done following one of Ceri's videos. I haven't done that much mixed media art in a long time so it was good to get ideas on all the layering that needs to be done to pull off something like this. Luise is an absolute genius in junk journaling. She is such a brilliant creator, I am just in awe of her talent.

So, I get my inspiration from some other creators and sometimes it comes from the papers that I am using. Where does you inspiration come from-other creators, papers, or something else?

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