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Last Opportunity!

Last craft fair of 2022 is on November 19, 2022 at Sycamore High School in Montgomery, Ohio. It has been a fantastic year for me. My completed inventory is running low. I hope to get two or three projects done for the last event. My main goal for the winter is to get many albums and journals completed so you will have a wide range of projects to choose from in 2023.

I do not have an updated calendar for next year. I do plan on being at the Sugar Maple Festival, Loveland Spring Show, Holiday at Home Festival, Lakota West Show, Ohio Sauerkraut Festival, Bellbrook Handmade Show, and Sycamore Arts and Crafts Show.

I am looking to add one or two new shows next year.

As I finish up projects over the winter I will add them to the store here and they will be available to purchase-you won't have to wait until festival time to buy your keepsake.

I am currently working on a Christmas journal. I am relatively new to journal making and am trying to figure out if they need to be themed or not. What would you find useful-themed as in travel or holidays or more everyday type journals?

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A Christmas journal would be a great idea to keep track of gifts purchased or received from one year to the next. (Would help if anyone regifts! 😉.) A travel journal would be great for a bucket list trip. An everyday journal is great for...well...everyday! Congrats on a good year!

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