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Updated: Nov 1, 2022

I am truly excited to announce that I have been approved to be a reseller for Stamperia International! This company has so many gorgeous paper lines. Sometimes these papers are hard to find here in the USA. I have heard that we sometimes are the last to have orders filled, so some retailers don't offer these papers. I am hopeful that everything I order can indeed be shipped.

My first order needs to be a fairly large order and I am planning on also offering these papers for purchase through the website here. It will also expand the options of paper choices if you opt for a custom made keepsake. With that being said, if you have any Stamperia papers on your wish list, please let me know as soon as possible and I will order it for you. Don't worry, you will not be obligated to purchase it, but want to give you that option. Lastly, if you are thinking of a custom order for Christmas, please contact me soon. My final two craft fairs of the season are approaching, I am also currently working on a custom order that is a Christmas present. And, to make the time crunch worse, I am going to Australia in December!

My oldest grandson didn't get to go on his graduation trip after high school due to Covid. One of my granddaughters, who graduates in 2023, also wanted to go to Australia for her graduation trip. So, to save a lot of money and wear and tear on this old body, we decided for them to go together for their trips. I went on the grad trips with two of my granddaughters, so it is kind of a tradition for me to go along. I think it took me a month to recover when I went to Australia before. I am hoping I learned from that experience and can get back on EST sooner this time around.

Again, let me know if you would like some Stamperia papers, as I will place my order in the next week or two!

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Congratulations on carrying Stamperia! I love that paper! Getting out the credit card....

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